The number of ordinary shares in issue is 28,157,570. Contingent consideration to the vendors of Memopal SRL may be settled by the issue of up to 238,035 ordinary shares in June 2018. In addition, there are 257,625 director and employee options and 186,989 warrants held by the Company’s advisers. A total of £1.25 million in convertible bonds are in issue and can be converted at £1.808 per bond unit into 691,371 ordinary shares.

Identity and holding of significant shareholders

The company has been notified of the following beneficial shareholdings of 3 per cent or more of the issued capital:

Name Number of Shares Holding
BV-Tech SpA 15,413,526 54.74%
Andrea Stecconi 1,826,836 6.49%


Directors’ Shareholdings

The directors hold the following beneficial interest in shares in the company:

Name Number of Shares Holding
Raffaele Boccardo* 15,413,526 54.74%
Tony Reeves 31,250 0.11%


* Mr Boccardo is deemed to be beneficially interested in the shares in the company held by BV Tech on account of his 86.44% interest in BV Tech SpA.
This information is disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26 and was last updated 26th April 2018.