The number of ordinary shares in issue is 35,441,052. In addition, there are 257,625 director and employee options and 186,989 warrants held by the Company’s advisers. A total of £1.25 million in convertible bonds are in issue and can be converted at £1.808 per bond unit into 691,371 ordinary shares.

Identity and holding of significant shareholders

The company has been notified of the following beneficial shareholdings of 3 per cent or more of the issued capital:

Name Number of Shares Holding
BV-Tech SpA 22,697,008 64.0%
Andrea Stecconi 1,826,836 5.15%


Directors’ Shareholdings

The directors hold the following beneficial interest in shares in the company:

Name Number of Shares Holding
Raffaele Boccardo* 22,697,008 55.0%
Tony Reeves 31,250 0.09%


* Mr Boccardo is deemed to be beneficially interested in the shares in the company held by BV Tech on account of his 86.00% interest in BV Tech SpA.
This information is disclosed in accordance with AIM Rule 26 and was last updated 19 February 2019.