Global Coverage & Partners

We are building a global platform by working closely with channel partners to target secondary and emerging markets. Working with channel partners allows us to enter markets without the cost or in-country knowledge we would need to access potential customers otherwise.

North America is the most developed and competitive market for our products. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is being adopted by many SMEs and, increasingly, larger organisations. This is a major driver for the adoption of mobile security software. Latin and South America is subject to the same trends albeit at a slower pace. Individuals and SMEs are more sensitive.

Our focus remains Europe, our natural home and the region with the strongest privacy regulations. We already sell through channel partners into selected Middle Eastern and African countries. Our geographic proximity, channel-friendly model and ability to price in line with local requirements, has provided a competitive advantage locally

Smartphone growth is now strongest across the Asia Pacific region. As in the Middle East and Africa, many users have simply skipped fixed line telephony and broadband. Awareness of and the need for mobile security is increasing rapidly, particularly with less advanced cyber security infrastructure locally

Channel partners – distributors, telecoms companies and hardware manufacturers – work with us thanks to our flexible marketing strategy, focused on white-label and profit-share arrangements. Together we compete with established industry incumbents.

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