The Defenx proposition is to solve our end-users’ security needs on the devices they use, for their own protection and that of their data. Our products fit into three complimentary segments:

  • Security – anti-malware software
  • Backup – Cloud-based backup and synchronisation
  • Protection – applications to monitor, manage and secure online activities

By developing a range of products within these three segments we now address the varied needs of consumer and corporate end-users.


Defenx Mobile Security Suite
Use your smartphone with complete peace of mind

Defenx Mobile Security Suite includes antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spam and anti-theft protection as well as SIM protection and safe browsing.

Available in nine languages for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile phones and tablets.

Defenx Security Suite
All-round ‘worry-free’ protection for your computer

Defenx Security Suite includes antivirus, anti-spam, firewall, identity protection, safe browsing, privacy and parental controls.
Available in five languages for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP desktop and laptop PCs. There is also a network version.
VB100 certified by Virus Bulletin.


Memopal Cloud Backup
All your files securely in the Cloud

Memopal Cloud Backup protects files by securely saving a copy to the cloud.
Because it keeps all file changes forever, users always have a clean version to restore, for example, following a ransomware attack. It also provides a sync folder allowing the latest version of saved files to be accessed from any computer, device and online.

Available in 16 languages for Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS and various NAS platforms.


Defenx Privacy Adviser
We care about your privacy

Defenx Privacy Adviser is a free app that allows users to monitor access to their personal data by installed apps.

A growing number of seemingly useful apps for smartphones can, in fact, invade your privacy, putting your personal information at risk.

Available for free on Android.

Defenx Parental Control
Online safety for children

Defenx Parental Control protects under-age smartphone and tablet users from inappropriate content and enables parents to manage their children’s online activity.

Parents can view call and messaging history, photos and be alerted when their child arrives or leaves specific locations. The app also includes some Defenx SOS features.

Available in five languages for Android.

Defenx SOS
Send for help when you’re in danger

Defenx SOS keeps loved ones safe by alerting a designated parent or guardian by email, SMS or via a call centre in an emergency such as an unexpected fall or attack.

The panic function, triggered by a Bluetooth- connected button or simply by dropping the smartphone, triggers the alert.

Available in two languages for Android.