Q&A with Guido Branca Managing Director of Defenx PLC (LON:DFX)

Published On 12th April 16

Defenx PLC (LON:DFX) Managing Director Guido Branca caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss the launch of their new product, Defenx Backup Cloud & Sync

Q1: Now you launched a new product today, Defenx Backup and Sync, can you tell me about those?
A1: Yes, Defenx launched today the new Cloud Backup and Sync product. Cloud is now an accepted model for individuals and families to secure their data whether it’s for their PC’s or mobile devices and It’s also used to share files and folders with confidence across their devices by families and even individuals and small businesses. The Defenx Cloud Backup features backup and synchronisation, a selective backup and online only access to free up memory and/or disc space which is not available from all competitors, it’s also available in 16 different languages so that’s available today on our website. Defenx Cloud Backup is a result of a strategic alliance with Memopal which we announced in January, you should have seen some press on that, its launch also enforces our technology marketing approach, we see a perfect fit between our Mobile Security Suite, our legacy business, making your device safe, alongside with Cloud Backup which makes your data safe and secure so we see it as security plus backup equals protection. On a technical note, rolling back to previous versions of your data is also the only accepted way to deal with ransomware, you’re hearing a lot about this in the press lately, that’s when malicious code encrypts your drive so you can no longer access your files, but if you have our backup system you could roll back to a previously stored version of your files, just a moment before the cryptolocker or ransomware were to be triggered, this effective allows you to work a workaround for that particular nefarious piece of software.

Q2: Now the Defenx Mobile Security Suite is already available for Android and IOS, it’s now been launched for Windows Phone 10 devices, why have you chosen to create a Window Phone security product when it’s in the single digits in terms of market share?
A2: It’s a valid question, Windows and Microsoft on the whole is looking at the mobile space very carefully, currently they’re working with the Nokia legacy and our sense is that they will become a serious contender in this space. However the reason for this is that we feel that phishing, which is the most prevalent type of malware that is invading both IOS and the Windows space, is relevant and getting some protection for phishing is paramount, furthermore it ensures that our channel partners can offer solution to the vast majority of the customers by covering Android, IOS and Windows Mobile. It’s basically covering almost 95% of the phones out there, this is particularly important for telcos which obviously don’t want to discriminate between one type of user and another. Finally we believe that Microsoft marketing a Windows Phone 10 will create a significant uplift in their market share and they will secure the third place at the mobile operating system race and Defenx will be part of that growth hence our position in the market.