Defenx Plc Acquisition to ‘Yield some real benefits for the enlarged group’

Published On 2nd August 16

Defenx Plc (LON:DFX) Chief Finance Officer Philipp Prince talks to DirectorsTalk about the acquisition of Memopal. Philipp talks about the company, how the Memopal products will fit in with existing products and whether or not we can expect further acquisitions in the future.

Memopal Srl
Memopal’s mission is to organize and protect digital data. Memopal was founded in 2007 by Marco Trombetti and Gianluca Granero, two successful entrepreneurs in the IT sector. Marco Trombetti is the co-founder and CEO of Translated Srl, one of the web’s most influential companies in translation and recently named in the Tech Tour Growth 50 of Europe’s fastest growing companies, and Gianluca Granero, who at the time was head of the technology division at Thesis Impianti SpA, a company that builds and manages data centres used by companies such as IBM, Telecom Italia and Procter & Gamble.
Today, Memopal supports over 700,000 end users and channel partners in the telecommunications, information storage and IT security sectors in 75 countries.
Defenx Plc
Founded in 2009, Defenx Plc is a fast-growing and profitable security software company that offers a range of products for the mobile, PC and network security markets. Defenx security software is priced competitively, fully featured and efficient (reduced use of memory, processing capacity and therefore power). A flexible marketing strategy, focused on white-label and profit-share arrangements with distributors, telecoms companies and hardware manufacturers, enables Defenx to compete with established industry incumbents. Since inception, Defenx has sold over 3.1 million security software licenses, primarily in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company’s global distribution partners currently include 3Italia, the fourth largest Italian mobile network operator, and Seagate Technology, a world-leader in disk drive manufacturing, amongst others including telecoms operators, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers. Defenx was admitted to trading on AIM on 3 December 2015, raising £2.1 million to accelerate its growth through new channel partners and product development.